How to Renew Expired CNIC Through Nadra Online?

July 3, 2020

The ministry of interior, Government of Pakistan has authorised Nadra, also knows National Database and Registration Authority. It is the responsibility of Nadra to issue various identity cards to Pakistani citizens. It also covers the overseas Pakistani. Nadra online has gained significance overseas due to its NICOP application Registration services. Many individuals belonging to Pakistan who have started living overseas apply for Nadra identity cards. 

One of the identity cards issued by Nadra is CNIC, also known as Computerized National Identity Card. This card is the basic identity proof for Pakistani citizen. After 18 years of age, it is compulsory to have a CNIC. Nadra has provided the online portals for most of its services. CNIC can also be registered via the online portal. The renewal of expired CNIC can also be done via the online portal.

What are the steps of CNIC renewal via Nadra?

1. The foremost step is to visit the official Website of Nadra. After reaching the official Website, there’s an option available at the top stating “Apply now”. Click on that option. 

2. It is necessary to have an account on Nadra portal to apply. If the individual already have an account, they can log in Directly. The individual who have no prior account, needs to create a new account prior, then click on .

3. During the process of sign up, a pin and OTP is sent to the registered mobile number and email address. This is a two- step verification.

4. The verification has to be completed by clicking on the link sent in email by Nadra. 

5. Once the registration is successfully done, the individual has to log in with the registered ID and password.

6. All the terms and conditions must be read carefully before accepting them.

7. Various services provided by Nadra will start appearing on the screen. Choose the option of NICOP/CNIC.

8. Another portal will open on the screen, showing various options, choose “My Identity Card has Expired”.

9. The renewal form will open up, with many stages of form completion. All the steps must be completed.

10.  The CNIC is delivered to the address filled in by the applicant. 

The process of applying for Nicop online renewal and CNIC renewal online is the same. The processing time for these identity cards is 7 working days. It takes up to 5 working days for delivery overseas.

Some facts:

* All the Pakistani citizen with the age of 18years or above are eligible for CNIC cards.

* A multi-biometric national identity project was launched by Nadra in the year 2000.

* The Economic Times stated in 2012, Pakistan started issuing biometric identity cards from the year 2001.

* Nadra stated in 2012 that 91% of the Pakistani population have CNIC cards.

* In September of 2012, Nadra took an initiative of Mobile Registration Teams to provide CNIC in rain-hit areas of Pakistan ( Balochistan, Sindh, South Punjab).

* CNIC is required by Pakistani citizens to get a passport, driving licence, access to social servers and opening a bank account.

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