Otile: Something was Brewing Between Sanaipei and I But My Ex Came Back

June 10, 2020

Apparently, Otile Brown might have had a chance to date Sanaipei Tande were it not for his ex-girlfriend, Nabayet.

The pair collaborated for the second time in a song dubbed ‘Aiyana’ that dropped in February. Just like in their 2018 project, ‘Chaguo La Moyo’, Sanaipei and Otile exhibited enough chemistry to suggest that they could be an item.

And according to Otile, something was brewing between them but it was simmered down after his ex-girlfriend came back in the picture.

“We have the best chemistry, that is my sister men, but she is a fine lady, ni mrembo sana and all that. But I believe right now ana mtu wake na mimi nina mtu wangu,” Otile Brown said.

“By the way, this was to happen ever since Chaguo la Moyo, if I didn’t link up with my ex there was something kind of happening between me and her. It was starting but it didn’t really work because my ex came in, you understand. She is a very special person to me,” he added.

The singer noted that he is still with Nabayet and they are doing well.

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