Kakamega Man Takes Off House Doors, Roof to Kick Out Cheating Wife

June 25, 2020

A man from Emukhambi Village, in Navakholo, Kakamega County went berserk on Tuesday and assaulted his wife before destroying their house over allegations that she was cheating on him.

57-year-old Issa Arafat alleged that he knew his 38-year-old wife Afusa Namiswa was having an illicit affair with her workmate when he visited his ailing father, who had been admitted at the hospital where she works.

Namiswa works as a tea lady whereas her alleged lover dresses patients’ wounds at a private hospital in Kakamega county.

She denied being unfaithful saying: “I serve tea at the hospital; the man he is accusing me of secretly seeing, cleans patients’ wounds after surgical procedures.

“The nature of my work requires I greet people before serving them. On several occasions, when I meet the man he is accusing me of cheating with, I have to greet him and know how he is doing. So, when my husband saw me talking to my colleague, he thought I was flirting with him. I have never cheated on him.”

Upon returning home on Tuesday evening, Arafat allegedly rained blows and kicks on Namiswa, whose screams attracted neighbours to come to her rescue.

The accused then took off the doors and roof of his house, and brought down a wall while declaring: “I don’t want my cheating wife to live here anymore”.

The couple have been married for at least 15 years and have eight children.

A resident, Maselina Mitungu, told reporters that Arafat often complained that his wife was adulterous.

Police in Navakholo arrested the suspect on Tuesday evening for causing grievous bodily harm to his wife.

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