Police Woman Turns Violent After Being Arrested While on Drinking Spree

June 22, 2020

A city-based cop is among 20 people who were arrested Saturday while on a drinking spree inside a pub in Nairobi’s Pipeline estate.

Irene Doris (service number 101217), who is attached to Industrial Area Police Station, allegedly caused a scene as she was being escorted from Club Sparrows to the Embakasi police station.

Police said the bar has been flouting coronavirus guidelines under the protection of the officer.

“Following a tip-off the police officers swung into action and arrested the 20 individuals who included the police officer and the owner of the pub where they have been enjoying protection from the officer,” a police report reads in part.

Officer Doris allegedly turned violent and hurled beer bottles at the officer manning the report desk. She is also said to have smashed two beer bottles that had been kept as exhibits.

“She was subdued by use of minimum force by two female officers and was placed inside the police cells,” the report at Embakasi Police post adds.

No one was injured during the incident.

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