Details of Letter Left Behind By Naivasha Woman Who Poisoned Her Four Children

June 29, 2020

A letter left behind by a woman who poisoned her four children in Naivasha on Saturday has revealed that she took her kids’ lives because she had lost her job and was unable to provide for them.

Beatrice Mwende Kimotho, 42, is alleged to have poisoned the three girls and a boy aged between two years and eight years old before strangling them at their residential house in Kabati Estate, located less than two kilometres from Naivasha town.

The mother of six left behind a letter addressed to her eldest son only identified as Alex in which she laid bare her frustrations, including being unable to settle a Ksh1,400 electricity bill. Ms Mwende also revealed that she has been unable to pay house rent since April.

The suspect who was arrested at her hideout in Kayole Estate where she had rented a room in the same town also claimed that her boyfriend betrayed her.

“I loved him dearly,” she wrote, further warning her son: “Have nothing to do with him.”

“He pretended to be what he is not…” she added.

Describing her former lover as evil, Ms Mwende wrote that she learnt he was involved with a sugar mummy and that the man’s property belonged to the woman.

“If only I had a stable job, I would have not killed your siblings,” she noted.

The woman also noted that she was prepared to go to jail over the macabre killings.

“I know I belong to jail… in fact, I know I will spend the rest of my life behind bars but I am prepared for it,” reads the letter.

The woman also encouraged her son who is at the university to continue with his studies while taking care of his younger brother.

She quoted the Bible — John 14:1 as she urged her son to find strength by reading the verse which states, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me.”

“As for you, take care of Bravo. Be his Guardian Angel. I know you two have a different character but learn to tolerate one another.

“As for the house rent. I have paid up to April. May and June are not yet paid…You can sell all the items if need be.”

“I have a deposit of Ksh5,000 with the agent (caretaker). Keep my clothes safe and especially the ones bought recently. Nobody should wear them, ” she added.

In the handwritten letter, Ms Mwende revealed where she wanted her children to be buried, noting that she had already bought new outfits for them to be buried in.

“I have already purchased the dresses…” she wrote.

The woman’s brother, Jackson Kimani Kimotho, said he and his sister had secured part-time teaching jobs in a local non-governmental organisation run by a church that was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have been engaged in a program run by the Catholic Church that trains youth and links them with potential employers,” said Kimani.

He noted that Ms Mwende had never shown any signs of stress.

“She never shared with anyone what she was going through, including financial challenges. We were not aware she was battling stressful moments,” he said.

“It is a very painful moment for all of us. It was so sudden we are yet to comprehend the turn of events,” added Mr Kimotho.

Naivasha residents mill around the apartment where a woman poisoned her four children

Kimotho also disclosed that his elder sister posted a photo of the slain children on the family’s WhatsApp group on Saturday at around 2:28 pm.

She was seeking comments about children, with one of the group users saying they were adorable,” said the brother.

The suspect then posted a comment that read: “Take a moment of silence and give final respect to my kids.”

She again wrote: “I don’t understand, they are dead — I have killed them.”

A few moments later, Ms Mwende posted her old photo, captioned: “Betty the murderer — Pray for the soul to have peace here on earth.”

The group’s administrator quickly removed the suspect and after noticing she had been blocked, she called her brother directing him to go her house accompanied by police.

“She directed me where to get the key and when we got into the house, what we saw was really disturbing,” he told the Nation on Sunday.

“It was a heart wrenching moment. I was in disbelief. My sister was a jovial person and never showed any signs of stress,” said Mr Kimotho.

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