Boniface Mwangi’s Reggae Idea to Bring Down Jomo Kenyatta Statue at KICC

June 9, 2020

The death of George Floyd and the ensuing ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in America and other parts of the world have now culminated in anti-racism protesters toppling down contentious statues in their respective countries.

In Bristol for example, demonstrators on Sunday pulled down a bronze statue of Edward Colston, a notorious slave trader who was prominently involved in England’s sole official slaving company in the 17th century – the Royal African Company- which transported tens of thousands of Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to work in sugar plantations and tobacco fields. The company branded its initials onto the chest of every enslaved African.

Photos shared on social media showed protesters kneeling on the neck of the slave trader’s statue for eight minutes, recalling how George Floyd died at the hands of a white policeman.

Demonstrators then rolled the 5.5-metre statue that had stood since 1895 into the Bristol Harbour, sparking joyous scenes of a well-executed takedown.

This has led to calls for protesters across the world to follow suit and bring down any contentious monuments.

Closer home, a number of Kenyans on social media platforms have singled out Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s statue at Kenyatta International Conference Centre as a contentious monument.

Renowned activist Boniface Mwangi on Monday contributed to the discussion on Twitter, proposing a simple plan of how Kenyan protestors can bring down the statue of the country’s first president, which is seen by some as a symbol of oppression

According to Boni, the statue can be toppled easily at the next reggae concert that will be hosted at the popular venue. He proposed that protestors should pay for a ticket under the pretext of attending the concert with the agenda being to bring down the historical monument.

“Tukienda concert ya reggae KICC next time tunaeza iteremsha fasta fasta. Watu walipie ticko lakini agenda ikuwe ni hii,” tweeted Mwangi.

Boni’s idea sparked wild reactions, with a majority of Kenyans agreeing with the activist.

We have sampled some tweets below.

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