3 Women to be Charged for Undergoing the Cut

June 12, 2020

Three women are in the custody of the police at Mauche Police Post in Njoro awaiting their day in court for undergoing the ‘cut’.

Njoro Deputy Officer Commanding Police Division Gladys Madee said the women aged 21, 29 and 30 underwent female genital mutilation at Mauche Area in Nakuru County.

They were arrested on Monday night together with a man in whose house they were found nursing their fresh wounds. Three other suspects managed to escape during the raid at the house in Tebeswet Village in Kapkembo sub-Location.

The women were taken to Njoro Sub-County Hospital for tests and were confirmed to have undergone the ‘cut’.

The authorities noted that five women underwent the ‘cut’  last week while another one was mutilated on Saturday.

The male suspect is said to be the husband of one of the women.

In their defense, the suspects told police that they decided to undergo the ‘cut’ to avoid discrimination and intimidation from ‘cut’ community members.

The police chief said the women will be charged with procuring FGM while the man will face charges of abetting the ‘cut’.

A manhunt has been launched for three other women and the person who ‘cut’ them.

This comes barely three months after five women who underwent female genital mutilation (FGM) in Meru were sentenced to three years in jail or pay a fine of Sh200,000 each.

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