Visibly Drunk Eric Njoka Rants Over Impending KTN-K24 TV Merger

May 28, 2020

K24 TV news anchor Eric Njoka went on another live rant on his Instagram page, telling off the media and people who have supposedly been on his case after his first rant in which he vented his frustrations over the current crisis at the Uhuru-Kenyatta owned media house.

In the first rant, Njoka revealed that a merger between K24 TV and KTN was on the cards and it would render him and other staffers at the station redundant in a month’s time.

He also took his frustrations out on Uhuru Kenyatta, accusing the President of not giving a sh*t about his employees. Njoka also revealed that they have not been paid for the past two months, and further took issue with a 50% pay cut, which some employees challenged in court.

“KTN News or Standard Group has officially bought some programs on K24 TV. So, K24 staff and MediaMax as a whole will be declared redundant in a month’s time…

“They are getting rid of every person that you know, every face that you know on K24 TV, every producer, anchor, reporter, news editor that you know,” Njoka lamented.

“We are working for a President who does not care. It seems we are children of a lesser God because no one is listening to us,” Njoka continued.

Second Rant

Then on Tuesday night, the journalist said that following his earlier rant he was asked to apologize by his boss for dragging the company’s name in his frustrations.

“Today my supervisor came to me and said what you said about your boss and company is a breach of contract and you need to apologize. I partly apologized but I never owned up to any wrongdoing,” he said, adding that:I told him is that is my private social media.”

“I might have stretched it a little bit and said cruel things about the CEO and the Company and for that I felt there is so much pressure and I’m pained, so I’m not going to apologize for speaking the truth, but I’m going to apologize for is mentioning the Head of State, Company CEO, and the rest I stand by it, because the company is frustrating us. It’s frustrating so many people. Some many have families, and if someone is not going to speak for them then, where I go I will regret why I never spoke for them, I did speak for them, because people are really suffering and they can’t speak it out,” added Njoka.

‘Nimekunywa Maji Ya Uzima’

At the same time, the visibly tipsy Njoka lashed out at people asking him about the crisis at K24 TV saying; “what is this that I’m hearing about you and a certain company’! Just go to them they will give you all the answers, don’t come for the answers from me, I ain’t gonna give you the answers”.

He went on: “Nimekunywa Maji ya Uzima and I feel rejuvenated, ama mlikuwa mnataka kunipatia kitu ingine nikunywe?

“And if you actually feel you wanna come my way, sijakunywa kitu and by the way, I don’t do Konyagi, I only do Glenfiddich, Captain Morgan and if worse comes to worse na situation ni mbaya sana I do Kenya cane. Everybody thinks that I’m high, every day they come here they think I’m high.”

“I am an angry man and I´m not isolated. Tutadeal na wewe hapo nyuma ya tent. I know who I am and I know where I am at the moment. So if you want to come my way, kuja polepole. Anyway, Kenyans only think about themselves and no one else. I have come so so so far, to take sh*t from people. Just don´t cross my line,” declared Njoka.

“Stop writing sh*t about me. Because I´ll be like, this guy or this woman wrote sh*t about me that is not right, that is not true. If you wanna write stuff about me, go right ahead! I´ve given you the leeway but let´s meet here. I will deal with you right here! I am a one-man show. Bring it right to me and I´ll bring it right to you. Okay?”

Here’s a snippet of Njoka’s rant:


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