‘Dine With the Murayas’ Reality Show Coming to a TV Screen Near You

May 19, 2020

It was only a matter of time before it happened; one of Kenya’s most popular celebrity couples – Size 8 and DJ Mo – have scored a reality TV show.

Dubbed ‘Dine with The Murayas’, the show will air weekly on NTV, with the station yet to confirm a time-slot. NTV on Monday shared a poster announcing that the show will air soon, sparking excitement among fans of the couple.

While details are still scanty, DJ Mo says the show will feature multiple segments with different themes and activities, with couples and families making the core target audience.

“It will have various segments within the show, but the concept is mostly centered on couples. I am not sure what happened with the poster, I think it came out yesterday but as you can see it still doesn’t have a date.

“There are some things we are still discussing and then that’s when we can make it official. It’s not even on our social media pages yet. We are still ironing out some things and when we are done we will let you know,” DJ Mo said.

‘Dine with the Murayas’ is seen as a much better replacement for gospel singer Bahati’s reality show, BahatiReality, which was scraped off the station a few weeks ago.

Expectations are high from fans of the Murayas who have already proved to be a hit on their YouTube channel.



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