Child Abductor Caught on CCTV Claims She Stole Baby to Save Her Marriage

May 11, 2020

A woman who was captured on CCTV abducting a child in Nyamira has been arrested.

The middle-aged woman was positively identified by multiple people after CCTV footage of the abduction was aired on Citizen TV on Sunday.

During interrogation, the suspect said she stole the seven-month-old in a bid to save her marriage, Citizen reports. She is said to have separated from her husband after a family feud.

Apparently, their young son died without the father’s knowledge and after attempts to rekindle their love, the suspect’s estranged husband demanded to see his son before they could get back together.

It is then that she undertook a daring plan to steal a child and save her marriage. She is said to have singled out an unsuspecting mother in a Nyamira-bound bus from Nakuru.

Sheila Nyaboke, the mother of the child, said the suspect was very friendly on their journey and constantly offered to help cradle the toddler.

When they arrived in Nyamira, the suspect who was yet to reveal her name and other personal details offered to hold the child as Ms Nyaboke relieved herself at a public bathroom.

It was at restrooms that CCTV footage caught the suspect fleeing with the baby. Ms Nyaboke said the suspect had gone to a nearby shop to buy juice for the child.

Watch the video below.

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