51 Capital GM Sean Macharia Starts Making Big Moves

May 27, 2020

Less than four months after Forex trading whizkid Sean Macharia was made the national General Manager of the 51 Capital business conglomerate, the ambitious young mogul has moved with speed to revolutionize how people trade and make the entire process as simple and as effective as possible.

Forex Trading is a complex money world that does not only demand the most efficient brains but also the quickest and fastest players in the market.

And that’s why Sean Macharia, even in the face of a global pandemic, continues to think big and invent better ways to further expand the lucrative multimillion shilling company.

Now, the Joe Kariuki-led company, which has offices in Malaysia, Kenya and India, has rolled out what they call BTC VISA CARDS that will enable their multinational clients trade even faster, more efficiently and make more money while at it.

“Given that our clients come from different parts of the world, with different currencies and the constantly changing conversion rates it sometimes becomes difficult for clients to know exactly how much to send in their currency that translates to the amount in USD that they wish. Also, given that most of our copy trading clients are not traders those outside Kenya are having problems funding their own account, ” Sean says of the BTC Visa Card.

“51 Capital was trying to create a centralized easy system where clients can withdraw and deposit money easily in their respective country’s currency directly to their copy trade accounts and that’s how we stumbled upon the brilliant idea of Visa Cards,” Joe Kariuki, the business CEO, says.

The BTC Visa Card works in such a way that when a client enrolls to copy trading they are assigned a card each with a personal number and directly linked to the copy trade account.

“The greatest advantages of the card is that it ensures easy and accurate conversion from different currencies to copy trade account currency and that it ensures fast, simple and efficient withdrawals and deposits to copy trade accounts regardless of the clients’ location in the world, ” Sean adds.

Clearly, it looks like the sky is the limit for this brilliant 22-year old Forex trading superstar.

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