Nun Defies Quarantine Order After Contact With Positive Priest

April 3, 2020

Police officers in Bungoma have placed a nun under mandatory quarantine after she allegedly refused to lock herself in isolation.

The nun is said to have interacted with a priest from Siaya who tested positive for coronavirus last week. Several appeals to have her self-quarantine for 14 days, however, fell on deaf ears, forcing police to arrest and place her under forced confinement.

Bungoma County Health CEC, Dr Anthony Walela said the nun came into contact with the priest on March 13, when he presided over a burial mass in Ugunja, Siaya, two days after arriving from Italy.

Upon returning to Bungoma, the nun was requested to self-isolate, but she allegedly refused and continued to interact with people.

“When I was informed that the said-nurse had defied directives to self-quarantine for 14 days, I alerted police officers, who went to where she stayed and arrested her,” Walela told¬†K24 on Thursday.

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