Kilifi Deputy Governor To Be Charged Despite Asking For Forgiveness

April 3, 2020

Kilifi Deputy Governor Gideon Saburi has fully recovered from COVID-19.

This was confirmed by Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe on Thursday during a press briefing at Afya House. Kagwe said Saburi tested negative on all three tests that were conducted after he was placed under forced quarantine.

The Health Cabinet Secretary maintained that the Kilifi Deputy will face the law after refusing to self-quarantine upon his return from Germany.

I’m also pleased to announce to you that the Deputy Governor of Kilifi County whom we placed under mandatory quarantine has fully recovered. He has been declared fit after being subjected to three tests all of which have turned negative. Naturally, the issue of the law will now follow up with him,” said Kagwe.


The statement comes after Gideon Saburi expressed his remorse and asked for forgiveness last weekend. He said he is a responsible person and that he did not intend to cause anxiety.

“I am very remorseful for bringing anxiety on Coronavirus spread in Kilifi County and the entire country and hope that people will find a heart to forgive me.

“I am a responsible person. I am a leader, a family man and a mentor to many. I did not do this on purpose,” Saburi said, adding: “Coronavirus is real. I call upon people to take precautions seriously.”

The father of three tested positive on Sunday, March 22 after arriving in the country on March 6. He refused to self-isolate and came into contact with several leaders including Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi, Rabai MP William Kamoti, Mtwapa deputy OCS Bernard Otomei, and Base Commander Mathew Koech.

“There Were No Clear Guidelines”

He reportedly attended a Cabinet meeting, four funerals in Rabai, weddings and several social gatherings including going to night clubs.

Saburi defended himself saying: “There were no clear guidelines set, upon my return, I did not do that intentionally. I cannot be careless enough to roam around infecting other people knowing well that I have Covid-19. All those years I have kept a clean bill of conduct. I have worked diligently and responsibly, discharging my duties as both CEC and deputy governor.

“I have never indulged in any corrupt dealings to warrant complaints concerning my personality until when Coronavirus came in,” he said.

The Kilifi Deputy Governor also confessed that: “I attended funerals to condole with bereaved families and other gatherings in my rural home in Rabai bearing in mind the nature of my job and position in society. My governor had cleared me to attend the fair, the county secretary gave me a letter confirming the same.  I have two residences in Mombasa where I live with my children and spouse. I went to a supermarket to buy food stocks and that is when I was accused of disregarding the quarantine order.

“Before travelling, I spoke with the governor but we did not talk about the cancellation. Instead of 10 days as earlier planned, I stayed in Germany for three days. By then, the country had not been marked as a hotspot following the Coronavirus outbreak,” Saburi said.


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