Akorino Faithfuls Caught Worshipping in a Cave “Seemed to Know Nothing About Covid-19”

April 1, 2020

A group of worshippers that was arrested in Nyandarua County while worshipping in a cave near the Aberdare forest on Sunday has been released.

Kirima location chief Daniel Wainaina said the 12 members of the Akorino church appeared oblivious of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent directive by the government to ban church functions.

The worshippers included nine adults and three children. The Chief said they educated them on how to protect themselves against contracting the disease before releasing them.

“They seemed to know nothing about what is going on in the world about the disease and instead of preferring them with charges, we chose to educate them. We taught them how to wash their hands, social distance and how to sneeze,” said Mr Wainaina.

The 12 were arrested by officers who were acting on a tip-off from members of the public that members of the church had been congregating in the cave to worship.

“We got a tip-off from members of the public that they had spotted them going towards the cave and that was when we took action. We found them deep in prayers and arrested them” the administrator said.

Wainana said the cave was well prepared with grass laid on the ground. “It looked like this is somewhere they had been meeting. The government will immediately destroy it,” he said.

“Let no other people who violate the law think that we will forgive them. The law will be followed to the dot,” the chief warned.

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