US Comedian Lil Duval Trolls Stivo Simple Boy, Kenyans React

March 11, 2020

American comedian Roland Powell popularly known as Lil Duval rubbed Kenyans the wrong way after he made fun of upcoming musician, Stivo Simple Boy.

Lil Duval on Monday uploaded a picture of the Kenyan music sensation to his Instagram with over 3.4 million followers and likened him to the “Dark Moon Face” emoji.

“If ? was a person,” wrote Lil Duval.

This appeared to anger a section of Kenyan netizens who quickly jumped to Stivo’s defense and bashed the comedian.

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Actor Pascal Tokodi advised Stivo to ignore the “idiot” comedian. “Stivo, achana na huyu fala, kuna wengi hii dunia, endelea kuzidi MBELE bro @stivosimpleboy, ?” the actor wrote on Lil Duval’s post.

Another Kenyan actor, Nick Mutuma told Lil Duval: “The dude you’re trolling is a Kenyan artist who makes conscious music, he just stays in his lane and does his thing, and that’s why we’re mad @lilduval ?”

Comedian Mulamwah was seemingly fuming as he wrote: “Pumbavu, wtf. How can you even say that ??‍♂️??‍♂️? He is ours en we are proud of him here in Kenya ??.”

TV presenter Mwai Brenda added: “Do better Lil Duval, do better.”

Radio Maisha presenter and comedian MCA Tricky said: “Sijui tuichukulie aje hii… But Stivo to the world is the damn thing.”

“At least simple boy can take all his women with his ? Lil Duval is the king of toothpicks,” a Kenyan fan wrote.

Another added: “I’m I tha only one who thinks ths is not funny?”

“You are wrong for this bro,” said another IG user.

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