The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Monday March 2)

March 2, 2020

Here are the biggest news headlines from across the world as we start the new month.

Coronavirus news and live updates: First deaths in US, Thailand and Australia – CNN

South Korea’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced 586 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, bringing the country’s total to 3,736. Authorities also reported one new fatality, following the 17 people who had previously died. South Korea has the largest outbreak of the virus outside of mainland China, where most cases have been recorded.

What symptoms to be on the lookout for and how to protect yourself from coronavirus

As the United States recorded its first coronavirus death — and the number of infections grows worldwide — many people are wondering what symptoms to be on the lookout for and how to protect themselves.

Joe Biden’s South Carolina rout sends a warning to Bernie Sanders

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s blowout South Carolina win reshaped the Democratic presidential campaign and positions him as the surging moderate alternative to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in a 48-hour sprint to Super Tuesday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and partner Carrie Symonds announce pregnancy and engagement

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds have announced that they are expecting a baby and are engaged to be married, Downing Street confirmed on Saturday.

Adam Levine apologizes after fans criticize Maroon 5 for a weak performance in Chile


How Japanese and English merged to create a new language

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics fast approaching, the number of foreign visitors coming to Japan is expected to soar. Engrish/Japanglish is still a fact of life though, leaving plenty of room for meanings and moods to be lost in translation.

Welcome to London’s rental market, where $2,000 a month gets you a bed beside the toilet

At first glance the advertisement looks decent: A one-bedroom flat in London’s trendy Camden Town, situated in a pretty townhouse and boasting “high ceilings” and “designer marble worktops.”

Congo probes death of army military spy chief

The army in the Democratic Republic of Congo is investigating the death of its head of intelligence. Delphin Kahimbi was found dead at his home in the capital, Kinshasa, on Friday, the day he was meant to appear before the country’s security council.

War of words as Nigerian English recognised by OED

Nigerian English words have recently been added to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), but there is still a debate in the country about what constitutes proper English, as the BBC’s Nduka Orjinmo writes from Lagos. “Come to an all-night prayer vigil to welcome the ember months,” read a text from my mother.

Winners and losers in South Carolina vote

On Saturday, South Carolina became the fourth US state to join the race to find a Democrat to take on Republican Donald Trump in November’s general election. Who were the big winners and losers? Enter the most diverse electorate of the states that have gone so far – one that reflects the national make-up of the Democratic Party.

Next stop, hydrogen-powered trains

From the platform it looked like any other British commuter train. But as several hundred passengers climbed on board the steel-bodied carriages at Long Marston, they were met with an unusual sight. In one of its cars, passengers were encouraged to perch around four hydrogen fuel tanks, a fuel cell and two lithium batteries.

Amazon is a coronavirus mess as sellers sling merch, overpriced masks

If the coronavirus wasn’t scary enough already, the internet is here to make it worse. Masks are selling out like crazy, sellers are price-gouging, and – somehow, someway – people are selling awful merch tied to the deadly, rapidly spreading virus that’s officially named COVID-19.

Wait, what? Mac Pro’s $400 wheels don’t have a lock.

When Apple announced that the wheels for its pro-grade, $6,000 Mac Pro desktop machine are purchased separately for $400, we thought they must be special. And they are. That’s because, unlike most wheels on furniture that cost half that of Mac Pro’s wheels, the Mac Pro wheels don’t have a lock.

Coronavirus to blame as major video game show in San Francisco gets ‘postponed’

The annual Game Developer’s Conference may still happen in 2020, but it’s not going to be in mid-March anymore. Growing public concern over the coronavirus prompted the annual San Francisco trade show’s organizers to pull the plug ahead of their March 16 start date.

This box was worth $1,000 if we didn’t open it, so we opened it

Was it worth it?

Stephen Colbert says he won’t sell out to Mike Bloomberg. Not for free, anyway.

This never-ending season of America’s Next Top Democrat just keeps running, and taking the catwalk this week was Joe Biden. Biden spun a tale of being arrested while attempting to visit Nelson Mandela in prison, a compelling story that would be much more compelling were it true.

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