‘Don’t Travel Upcountry. Stay at Home’ – Kenyans Told

March 19, 2020

The Council of Governors has called on Kenyans to stop traveling to rural areas in a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Speaking after three more cases of coronavirus were confirmed Wednesday, the Council of Governors urged Kenyans to stay at home.

CoG Chairman Wycliffe Oparanya noted that counties are not equipped to handle any outbreak as there are only two testing facilities and they are located in Nairobi.

“I advise people not to move to the rural areas. I advise them to stay where they are. Stay at home,” he said.

“Counties have no budgets in the emergency vote. We want to ask the national government to allocate more resources,” he added.

The Kakamega County governor said counties have so far received 2800 protective kits yet they require over 300,000 for adequate preparation and response.

He warned that the lack of kits exposes health workers. “Someone is sleeping on the job,” he lamented.

“We urge the health CS to take this matter seriously. Border counties need to be declared high-risk areas. 14 counties had been declared high risk,” added Oparanya.

Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati stated that the next two weeks are crucial and called for diligence.

“When we look at that happened in Italy. We are at a critical stage. We must align ourselves,” he said.

Machakos County boss Dr Alfred Mutua said older citizens should avoid non-essential movement as they are more at risk.

“Wazee wetu tunaomba watulie nyumbani, wasiende huku na huku,” he said.

Mutua also cautioned traders against commodity prices. “Biashara yoyote itakayoongeza bei tutazifunga. Wewe na tamaa utaambulia patupu.”

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