#Curfew: Kenyans React With Humor After President Uhuru Orders 10-Hour National Curfew

March 26, 2020

President Uhuru Kenyatta Wednesday announced new measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

One of the big takeaways from the president’s speech was a curfew order requiring Kenyans to stay indoors from 7 pm to 5 am beginning Friday, March 27.

“This will be in effect to limit the spread of the virus,” Uhuru said. The Head of State, however, exempted providers of critical or essential services from the directive.

These include among others: Medical Professionals & Health Workers, National Security, Administration and Co-ordination Officers, Public Health and Sanitation officers in the County Governments, Licensed Pharmacies and Drug Stores, Licensed Broadcasters and Media Houses, Kenya Power & Lightening Company Limited.

Naturally, the curfew order sparked wild reactions from Kenyans on social media. On Twitter, the hashtag #Curfew took the top spot within hours of Uhuru’s announcement as KOT reacted with humor to the new development.

We have sampled some memes and tweets below.


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