13 Chinese Nationals Caught Trying to Enter Kenya

March 19, 2020

Sixteen foreigners, who included 13 Chinese nationals, were on Tuesday denied entry into Kenya after it emerged they had not self-quarantined as ordered.

The Chinese were trying to cross into Kenya from Tanzania at the Lunga Lunga border point in Kwale County. They were accompanied by three Tanzanian drivers namely; Saidi Seif Mapunda, Hassan Mohammed Makolo and Wema Ramadhani Muambeya.

A police report indicates that they had informed officials at the Lunga Lunga border point that they were headed for a special assignment at Bamburi Cement Ltd in Mombasa.

Upon further probing, it was established that they had not met the required 14-day self-quarantine in the country of origin for the coronavirus pandemic. They arrived in Tanzania from China between March 4-16.

Police and health officials escorted them back to the Horohoro entry point for failing to observe the Covid-19 prevention guidelines.

The Chinese nationals were identified as Xiao Zhanquan, Xu Shaul, Xu Duo, Lyu Xiaohua, Zhou Changyong, Jiang Chunyang, Xiao Zhanquan, Lyu Xiaohua, Wang Xiaoba, Shang Deyuan, Huang Honghui, Yang Yubiao and Cao Bingwang.

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