Ommy Dimpoz Denies Getting Intimate With Akothee After Swimming Pool Video Goes Viral

February 12, 2020

Tanzanian musician Ommy Dimpoz has been forced to clarify his relationship with Kenya’s Akothee after a video of the two music acts in a swimming pool went viral.

The video that surfaced last week captured Akothee twerking awkwardly close to Ommy Dimpoz’s head.

As a result, speculation was rife that the two might be more than just colleagues. In fact, Ommy says he has been receiving many messages from people who claimed he must have slept with Akothee.

But in an interview with Mambo Mseto, Ommy explained that the video was filmed last December at a party in Watamu.

“Tulikua wote tumealikwa kwenye party fulani Watam. Kuna jamaa alikua na hoteli alikua anataka tufanye show pamoja so si unajua kwenye kuhave fun na nini tena that week ndio ‘Kata'(song) ilikuwa imetoka. Actually, hata clip yenyewe ilikuwa ya December,” he said.

Responding to speculation that they must have fornicated, Ommy said: “Hapana, tulikata tu lakini hatukukata zaidi. Nilipata message nyingi watu wakinitania ‘Ommy lazima umekata’, ‘Ommy lazima umesoma katiba’.

He added: “She’s just a funny girl and a happy soul. Ni mtu poa naeza kusema. Kwenye age yake na majukumu na family, bado ni mtu wa kujimix. Ni mtu mpoa sana and she always brings positive vibes ukiwa na yeye.”

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