Avril Now Claims Naiboi “Can Get It” After Telling Rapper “I’d Hate to be Your Chic”

February 26, 2020

The ‘Makasiriko’ saga pitting Naiboi against Avril has taken another twist.

Last month, the two music acts were embroiled in a social media tiff born out of Avril’s refusal to feature in Naiboi’s ‘2 in 1’ music video.

Taking to both radio and social media, Avril defended herself saying she was still recovering after giving birth. She also told off Naiboi: “Akwende. Makasiriko ya 2018 tusilete 2020!”

In one of their exchanges on social media, Avril also blasted Naiboi saying: “Duuude kwani nilibreak heart yako aje?? Tweny tweny haitaki makasiriko za 2018, holding on for two years??!!! Gaaaaai. I’d hate to be your chic.”

For a moment it all seemed like a publicity stunt as Naiboi prepared to drop a single dubbed ‘Makasiriko’ but Avril was not part of the song.

In the latest development, it seems that the singers have settled their respective ‘makasirikos’.

Taking to social media, Avril on Tuesday ‘Chokozad’ Naiboi using a post on her Instagram declaring that the ‘Sondeka’ hitmaker can get it.

She wrote: “Ahem. Goodmorning fam ?. #HeCanGetItTho #LadiesWhereYouAt #DarkChocolateIsHealthyRight #OkayBye.”

Naiboi responded in a clip featuring Avril’s song ‘Chokoza’ and wrote: “Avril…sema niskie.”

As expected, fans were taken aback by the singers’ exchanges, with some expressing confusion and a majority telling the stars to stop the leg-pulling and just the drop the song they have been working on.

Some sampled reactions below.

djtimsonic: ??maaajab …petroli na maji zimemix”
salah.ican: “????? mnatupima”
danny_njoro: “Usibishane na Babu wewe!!!!?”
tracywaithera: “Aki mkona ufala leo?????”
shila_kangethe: “Ariririri ????”
m.i_brian: “wtf is going on!”
clinton_msafi: “@theavieway najua umekuja chokoza lakini usipime mwanaume @thenaiboi”

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