Activist Njonjo Mue to Lead Anti-Uhuru Prayer Rally “to Ask God to Remove President From Power”

February 27, 2020

Human rights defender Njonjo Mue is today(Thursday) expected to lead a prayer rally asking God to remove President Uhuru Kenyatta from power.

Mue invites Kenyans to come out in huge numbers at Uhuru Park where he is set to lead the prayers at the presidential dais.

In a statement Wednesday, the veteran activist said Uhuru’s government is a threat to the country.

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and the government he leads have become an existential threat to our country, to our children and to our children’s children. We have known this for a long time. When he sponsored the killing of innocents and the raping of women in 2007 – 8, we took him to the highest court in the world, but he bought his way out of having to give an account for his crimes. When he stole the elections, we took him to the highest court in our land, but he threatened the judges and they caved in,” he stated.

Mue further claimed that President Uhuru is above the Kenyan laws and, therefore, he should be taken to the “Court of Heaven”.

Uhuru Kenyatta has power and he has money. He is above our laws and above our courts. But there is one Court where our voice is heard and our evidence cannot be destroyed. It is the Court of Heaven. And it is to that Court that we are now taking him.

“For and on behalf of the people of Kenya, I invite you to a prayer meeting on THURSDAY, 27th FEBRUARY 2020, from 1.00 – 2.00 p.m. at Uhuru Park on the Presidential Dias.

“During that hour of prayer, we shall lay our charges against Uhuru Kenyatta and his government before God. And we shall ask God to remove Uhuru Kenyatta and his government from power. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there in the midst of them,” Mue said.

It remains to be seen if the rally will go on as planned given how the State is notorious for cracking down on anti-government protests.

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