Passaris: ”I Invested Sh50 Million To Get Elected”

January 6, 2020

Nairobi woman representative and serial gaffer Esther Passaris is once again on the bad side of Kenyans on Twitter.

Passaris came under attack on Sunday after revealing that she had undergone a successful Spinal Surgery in India. She tweeted, ”I flew to Ahmedabad, India on 31st December, 2019 and successfully had Spinal Surgery the following day at CIMS Hospital. I thank God for the Gift of Life, my family for their unconditional love and everyone who whispered a word of prayer as I went in.”

Of course, Kenyans were not amused that yet another elected leader had been treated abroad as the health system in the country continues to deteriorate.

”Poor Kenyans who voted for you to mend the health care system locally can’t say the same. They are used to being told RIP,” one person tweeted back.

”This is a Kenyan MP in the capital city of Nairobi, saying she went for treatment abroad coz hospitals in the city lack facilities, qualified personnel and ability to treat her. Poor Kenyans who can’t afford abroad should just die, that’s what she is saying,” another one added.

But it was this comment that infuriated Passaris. ”You should stop posting this because, how do you think people from slums feel yet they can’t afford kenyatta National Hospital KNH.?”

She replied, What are you doing about it? #ManUp I invested 50 million to be elected a leader. I served way before being elected. At 55 #OfficiallyMadeOfTitenium because of sacrifices I made. As a member of the Health Commitee we shaping the Presidents #AgendaFourKe #UHCKe being crucial.”

Though the woman rep is known for her insensitive tweets and replies, this one angered a lot of people, including artist King Kaka who wrote,”

”@EstherPassaris shame shame Shame. The talk should be on how we have made our health reliable to the point you are getting your surgery at KNH. Wewe Uko Hapo unatuambia juu ya 50million. Stop being selfish for once , just for once and serve the people who put you there. Shame”

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