Love Gone Sour: Security Guard Stabs Lover to Death in Kinangop

January 23, 2020

Police at the Engineer police station in Kinangop arrested a man accused of killing her lover after a reported lovers’ quarrel.

The suspect, a 25-year-old security guard based in Western Kenya, is said to have stabbed Consolata Wambui multiple times on the head and chest.

According to neighbours, the two had separated before the incident and had only met briefly to discuss their relationship. Wambui was living with her mother and brother at the time.

The victim’s brother reported that he was alarmed by screams from his mother’s house and upon arrival, he found the suspect with a knife covered in blood. His sister lay motionless and was oozing blood from the stab wounds.

Neighbours who rushed to the scene overpowered the suspect as others rushed Wambui to a hospital. Citizen reports that she bled to death on her way to the hospital.

It took the intervention of police officers on patrol to rescue the suspect from the irate residents who were baying for his blood.

The suspect is awaiting his arraignment in court.

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