Kabogo Trolls Kiambu People After Waititu Impeachment

January 30, 2020

If there is one person who has been enjoying the shit-show that has been Kiambu for the last 2 years, it has to be former governor William Kabogo.

Kabogo was swept away by Waititu’s wave and defeated with a landslide.

Despite handing over power graciously then, Kabogo took every opportunity to remind Kiambu of the bad choice they made, and criticize Waititu.

On Wednesday, he was vindicated. Waititu became the first governor in Kenya to be removed from office by an act of impeachment. Senate confirmed his removal by a healthy majority, and there is a lot of consensus that not even the courts can same him now.

Deputy governor James Nyoro assumes the duties of governor until 2022.

Following the news, Kabogo took to Twitter to state his mind.

”The people of Kiambu should start getting services now. Choices have consequences,” he wrote.

He followed that with another poster simply saying ‘Waititu Impeached’

We are watching to see Kabogo’s next political move.

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