‘God Didn’t Prove Himself When I Needed Him’ – Raburu’s Wife Speaks after Losing Unborn Daughter

January 9, 2020

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu’s wife Maryaprude penned a deeply emotional and heartwrenching post days after the couple lost its unborn child.

Speaking for the first time since Raburu broke the heartbreaking news, Marya appeared to take issue with God for “leaving her in her time of need”.

She noted how people have been encouraging her to turn to God, adding that she always trusted Him but He didn’t prove himself.

“Everyone is so quick to tell me about God. What they don’t know is that every way I knew Him, He was tested and He didn’t prove Himself,” Marya wrote.

She added that she does not know God and doesn’t want to know Him.

“So, as they say, you should know God for yourself, I now can say, I don’t know Him. And I don’t think I want to know him coz He left me when I needed him the most.”

Willis and Marya lost their unborn baby after Maryaprude developed complications that resulted in a stillbirth.

“Over the past few days my heart has been shattered and torn in to several pieces. The pain I have felt has been immeasurable and one that words fail to aptly capture. It has left me with several questions and literally reset my outlook on life.

“I may not be able to share the full extent of it all but I cannot bear it alone. I am therefore going to be taking a short break from work and my duties on @1010fanpage @citizentvkenya @hothappyhour and @hot96fmkenya to allow for my wife and I to get through the motions. While I am away several people will be holding fort for me, the shows will go on. I want to thank them in advance for heeding the abrupt call to action. I want to say thank you for those in the know who continue to lift my wife and I in prayer and ask that you continue to do so up until the time I will be back on your screens and on your radio! I love you all, you make me who I am. See you soon,” wrote Raburu on Friday, Jan 3.

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