Why Kenyans Seek Treatment in India, Sabina Chege Speaks After Visiting Jimmy Gait

August 27, 2019

Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege has identified several reasons why Kenyans seek treatment in India.

This follows her trip to India last week when she visited Kenyans seeking treatment in the nation’s hospitals. Sabina says one of the reasons Kenyans prefer India was because of misdiagnosis in Kenyan hospitals.

She also noted that treatment is cheaper and the Indian healthcare system is better.

“A majority of Kenyans are here because of misdiagnoses, treatment is cheaper and prompt, drugs are cheaper and the level of technology is high…. more patient-focused where a doctor does not work alone but they have a team and therefore a consultation is very high,” she said.

During her visit, the lawmaker got to meet gospel musician Jimmy Gait who traveled to India for tests after suffering throat complications. She, however, did not disclose what the musician is ailing from.

“His condition it’s only him who can disclose but I will be tabling a report in parliament and have several laws that I will recommend and amend others,” Sabina said.

And as fans continue to wait for an update from Jimmy Gait, the musician was keen to rubbish reports that he is suffering from throat cancer.

I have not been well, I have been battling a condition and gone to quite a number of hospitals and it has been decided that I have to go out of the country for special treatment and medical attention,” he said.

I would like to highlight something that I have noticed on social media going on and there is a rumour saying that I have come here for cancer treatment, that I have throat cancer I don’t know where that came from but I would really appeal to anybody spreading those kind of rumours to kindly desist because we are still doing tests and until the results are out it’s not right for you to spread those kind of rumours. It’s already affecting my parents so much, my family, my close people and fans that love me they are worried about me,” added Jimmy Gait.

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