The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Monday August 19)

August 19, 2019

Here are the top headlines today.

Hong Kong protests enter 11th consecutive weekend: Follow live

Protesters march: Hundreds of thousands of protesters have braved torrential rain, a police ban and menacing Chinese propaganda videos to come out for 11th consecutive weekend of mass demonstrations in a massive show of solidarity. High turnout: Protest organizers estimate that 1.7 million people turned out for today’s mass demonstration.

‘Not for sale’: Inside Greenland, the world’s largest island

Sorry, President Trump. Greenland’s not for sale. The country’s government made that clear in a tweet Friday, following reports that Trump had looked into the possibility of purchasing the massive island nation from Denmark. The resistance came as no surprise to photographer Kiliii Yüyan, who has documented Greenland’s development in recent years.

The water is so hot in Alaska it’s killing large numbers of salmon

Alaska has been in the throes of an unprecedented heat wave this summer, and the heat stress is killing salmon in large numbers.

What a mysterious explosion tells us about Russia’s ‘doomsday weapon’

An explosion. An abruptly-canceled evacuation. Five dead nuclear experts. And a few traces of radioactive iodine in Norway. These are the fingerprints of what appears to have been Russia’s latest failed bid to test its so-called ‘Skyfall’ missile.

Welsh town to install anti-sex toilets that spray users with water

A Welsh seaside town plans to install public toilets with measures to prevent people having sex inside, including a squealing alarm, the doors shooting open, and a chilly spray of water.

Robotic tail for humans was inspired by seahorses

If you’re prone to tripping or losing balance, then researchers in Japan may have an unusual solution: a robotic tail. A team at Keio University in Tokyo has designed a wearable human tail, which is attached using a harness and may help the wearer correct their balance the same way animals do.

23 amazing ancient cities

(CNN) – Ancient sites that have survived centuries, or even millennia, haven’t fared so well in the 21st century. The destruction at Palmyra in Syria, the Buddhas at Bamiyan in Afghanistan and Nimrud’s ruins outside Mosul in Iraq show how precarious the future can be.

Inside WeWork, one couple wields control

In the early days of WeWork, the two people most associated with the company were cofounders Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey. As they grew the brand, the pair was interviewed and photographed, together and separately, by numerous publications.

Ikea and the Queen of Sweden are designing homes for people with dementia

As Sweden’s population ages, the country faces a challenge: how can it maintain support for its citizens without breaking the bank?

Sudan army and civilians seal landmark deal

Sudan’s ruling military council and civilian opposition alliance have signed a landmark power-sharing deal. The agreement ushers in a new governing council, including both civilians and generals, to pave the way towards elections and civilian rule.

Nigeria ordered to pay $9bn to small gas firm

A British judge has ordered the Nigerian government to pay $9bn in assets to a small private company. The firm, P&ID, had reached a deal with the Nigerian government in 2010 to build a natural gas plant – but the deal fell through two years later.

Elephant protection to dominate CITES meeting

Different approaches to protecting elephants are set to dominate the debate at a key conservation conference starting in Geneva today. Delegates from more than 180 countries are gathering for the meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites). Some African nations are again pushing to reopen the trade in ivory.

Lime and soda? No thanks, say non-drinkers

The days of lime and soda are over. “Sugary, carbonated or fruit-based juice drinks just won’t do” for those seeking a booze-free alternative. At least, that is the view of Seedlip, which claims to be making the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits. “We exist to solve this dilemma.

Nasa picks headquarters for Moon lander

A Nasa facility in Alabama that developed the giant rocket for the Apollo programme in the 1960s will play a key role in sending astronauts down to the Moon’s surface in 2024. The Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville will lead the development of a vehicle that will land astronauts on the body for the first time since 1972.

Tesla is testing a low-priced ‘Rent Solar’ program for homes, but read the fine print

Tesla has struggled so far to make residential solar power a reality, and company executives are no doubt hoping that a new “Rent Solar” program will change that. It’s a pretty straightforward deal: for as little as $50 monthly, you get all the necessary panels and other hardware, plus installation, support, and ongoing maintenance.

Google Assistant’s abilities dominate Siri and Alexa, research shows

Alexa and Siri aren’t nearly as capable as Google Assistant, according to new research. Research firm Loup Ventures recently published its semi-annual report on smartphone-based digital assistants, and the results once again show that Google is significantly ahead of Amazon and Apple.

Stunning Hubble photo catches an aging star’s giant ring of space gas

Just like people, stars get old. Also like people, aging stars release a lot of gas. This newly captured image from the Hubble Space Telescope shows us NGC 2022, a planetary nebula in the Orion constellation. Yes, it’s a star and not a planet; it’s called that because of the rounded shaped produced by the star’s expanding ring of gas.

Android users duped into downloading adware apps 8 million times

Android users need to exercise some caution when downloading apps on the Google Play store. Cyber security firm Trend Micro recently found 85 different apps for Android phones that are actually adware apps in disguise. These sneaky camera and game apps were downloaded more than 8 million times in total.

VW’s adorable buggy is part of an electric master plan

The Volkswagen ID. Buggy is cute, doorless (and roofless!), and gives off strong beach vibes. But the dune buggy-inspired concept car is more than its looks. It’s about the possibilities of an electric vehicle. See, it’s not just SUVs and sedans that can get the electric treatment.

‘Silicon Valley’ heads to Washington in new trailer

It shouldn’t be news to any of us now that some parts of the internet…are bad. Even a lot of the good parts are being used by bad people, or for bad purposes like datamining and invasions of privacy without user consent.

Trump’s interest in buying Greenland gets relentlessly mocked on Twitter

Trump wants to buy Greenland, and the internet isn’t holding back on the memes. The president has “repeatedly expressed interest” in buying the island, the Wall Street Journal reports, and has asked advisers about whether the United States can buy the self-ruling part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

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