PHOTO of Sh100 Million House in Runda Kitany Allegedly Built for Linturi

August 29, 2019

On her third day of testimony in her divorce case with Linturi, the Milimani Law Courts allowed Marianne Kitany to play a video comprising a collage of photos of their two homes in Runda, Nairobi and Maua in Meru.

In previous court appearances, Ms Kitany claimed that she single-handedly built the couple’s Runda home at a cost of Ksh100 million.

“When we were doing the design of the house, we involved all the children. Every child gave their suggestion; the girls were a bit flowery, whereas the boys were a bit subtle,” Ms Kitany told Magistrate Peter Ngare on Wednesday.

The palatial residence is one of the properties the ex-partners are fighting over in their ongoing divorce battle.

Check it out.

It is from the palatial residence that Linturi attempted to forcefully evict Ms Kitany in December, 2018 before Milimani Court Resident Magistrate Isaac Orenge reinstated orders barring the Senator from evicting her.

Ms Kitany at the Runda residence during the forceful eviction

Ms Kitany also displayed the couple’s Maua home with pictures from the time construction work was beginning to what the final product looked like.

“We demolished the smaller house and built a bigger one because we were now a larger family, made up of me, Linturi and our six children,” said Ms Kitany.

“Just like the Runda house, we shopped together with Mithika Linturi for the finishing materials of the Meru house. I supervised and paid for the construction of that house. At that time, in June 2016, he bought me a ring,” she went on.

In previous submissions in court, Ms Kitany said she spent at least Sh36 million in renovating the Meru home.

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