“No. You’re Not Dead.” KTN Director Mourns Son in Heart-wrenching Tribute

August 1, 2019

Kenyan filmmaker Jirongo Luyali is inconsolable following the passing of his 4-year-old son Joshua Jirongo.

Luyali, who is the brains behind some of the top local shows like  KTN’s ‘Daktari’, broke the sad news of his son’s death in a heartbreaking post on social media.

“I have lost. I have lost the most important thing in my life. I have lost my son. I have no strength. Nothing is left to fight for. My everything, my handsome man,” wrote the scriptwriter and director.

He added, “Life has no meaning from now. I have asked God so many questions. But I know you are his child and he has put you in a good place. I ask God to make my remaining time run fast so that I meet you. Our great moments have to continue my son. Nothing will ever replace you. No child will replace you. Your memories will never leave me. And those memories will be so painful.”

Jirongo went on to add that losing his son was unimaginable, terming it as torture.

“God, it’s painful. Forgive me for questioning you. But it’s torture. It’s pain. I have never imagined this. I can’t say RIP. I can’t sleep. I left you lying on a cold metallic trolley in the mortuary. Your body was still warm. No. You are not dead. I’m waiting for the mortuary attendant to call me and tell me that you have woken up,” the post read.

According to the cinematographer, getting closer to God has helped him gain strength and hope. He said he has read almost half the Bible since his son’s passing.

“Since the day my son passed on, I have read almost half of the books in the Bible. I have completed reading the book of Job, Revelations and many chapters of other books. The Bible has really given me strength, hope and comfort. I never imagined I would overcome the pain, sorrow and grief. I thought I would die too. I had a friend who died two weeks after the death of his wife. God has really given me assurance through his word. Every day there are moments I usually break down and wish I die and my memory erased. Truly, it’s the most difficult place to be. But God will not leave me alone. I have moved closest to him.”

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