Khalwale, MP Clash Over DP Ruto’s Mental Health Status

August 28, 2019

The mental state of Deputy President William Ruto was the subject of a heated debate on live TV pitting two politicians who are also doctors.

Dr Bonny Khalwale, the former Senator for Kakamega County, clashed with Dr Eseli Simiyu on Tuesday morning after the Tongaren MP claimed that Ruto is suffering from Megalomania.

According to Dr Eseli, the DP’s opposition to the Building Bridges Initiative can be attributed to megalomania.

But Khalwale, who specializes in gynecology, accused the MP of insulting DP Ruto.

There might be a few way, Dr Eseli is attempting to insult the deputy president by saying he suffers from megalomania. This is a condition where a person suffers from a mental condition where he or she thinks is important, while he is not. For your information, the DP is a powerful person who exercises a lot of power under the new constitution,” the ‘bullfighter’ said.

To which Dr Eseli Simiyu, a trained doctor specializing in neonatology, responded accusing Khalwale of misleading viewers by failing to define megalomania adequately.

Khalwale is misleading Kenyans because if he had checked or even googled the meaning of megalomania, the meaning is not limited to a mental disorder. Intellectuals don’t do that,” Simiyu explained.

Also on the panel was former Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo who told Khalwale to debate in layman’s terms instead of using his medical training to confuse Kenyans.

The simple meaning of megalomania is an obsession with the exercise of power. Khalwale is using the medical definition – in line with his training but there is nothing abusive,” Midiwo said in defense of Simiyu.

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