Chinese Embassy “Shocked” after Container With Diplomatic Goodies Arrives Empty

August 2, 2019

While Kenyans might not be entirely shocked, the Chinese Embassy has expressed its shock after a container delivering goodies to Parliament from Beijing arrived in Nairobi empty.

Confirming that they had indeed donated the gifts tagged ‘diplomatic goods’, the Embassy said the laptops and computer projectors were from the National People’s Congress of China and the consignment was to be delivered through the Chinese Embassy in Kenya by the end of July.

“We were shocked to be notified by the National Assembly that when the container arrived in the parliament yesterday on 30th July and opened by the officers of the National Assembly, it was empty inside,” read a statement by the Chinese embassy.

“Over the years the Chinese side has made friendly donations to Kenyan brothers and sisters, including medical apparatus, office equipment, food aid etc and they have all been delivered safe and sound.

“Among them were office equipment donated and delivered to the parliament in 2018. Therefore this is the first time such thing has ever happened,” the statement adds.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is probing circumstances under which the goodies “disappeared”. Detectives have reportedly impounded the lorry that delivered the empty container.

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