Watch: Comedian Obinna Trolls Alcoblow Traffic Cop

July 22, 2019

Kenyan comedian Oga Obinna is crazy that much we know.

The Jack of all trades in the Kenyan showbiz scene took his mischief to a whole ‘nother level over the weekend when he made a mockery of a traffic police officer.

In a short clip posted to his socials, the musician is captured in his vehicle at a police checkpoint pretending to be drunk. He speaks directly at the camera, imitating the infamous ‘Rat on the Highway’ video sensation Alex Sadi.

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While Obinna mumbles incoherently, the traffic cop is eagerly holding an AlcoBlow breathalyzer out for Obinna blow into. Perhaps sure that a bribe was incoming, the cop gets impatient with Obinna’s shenanigans and tells the comedian, “Argh, Pulisa wewe!!!”

When Obinna, who is a teetotaler, finally blows into the gadget, the result reads zero, much to the shock of the cop. You can actually see him check the alcoblow twice as if to confirm that he wasn’t dreaming.

Instead of applauding Obinna for driving sober, the cop is seen telling him off, perhaps disappointed by the surprising turn of events.

Check it out below.


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