The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Wednesday July 24)

July 24, 2019

Here are today’s biggest headlines.

Boris Johnson expected to win race to be UK’s next leader: Live updates

By Rob Picheta, CNN Updated 4:22 a.m. ET, July 23, 2019 What we’re covering The main event: Britain will find out who its next leader will be at about 11:40 a.m., when the results of the race to replace Theresa May as Conservative party leader — and thusly as prime minister — are announced.

Warplanes from four countries face off in Asian confrontation

Warplanes from four countries faced off Tuesday in a chaotic and unprecedented confrontation above a small, disputed island off the coast of South Korea and Japan.

Why China is challenging Australia for influence over the Pacific Islands

To many, the Pacific Islands are remote holiday destinations. To China and Australia, they’re the scene of a show down.

Trump, Pakistani PM talk Taliban, Afghan peace talks at White House

President Donald Trump said the US has made “a lot of progress” toward ending the war in Afghanistan in negotiations with the Taliban in recent weeks and made clear his disdain for the US’ ongoing US military presence in Afghanistan.

Drug-resistant malaria is spreading across Southeast Asia, study warns

Drug-resistant malaria strains are spreading across Southeast Asia, raising fears of a “potential global health emergency,” two new studies have found.

Venezuelan government blames ‘electromagnetic attack’ for nationwide blackout

Venezuela is facing its fourth nationwide blackout this year, which officials are blaming on a hostile “electromagnetic attack.”

Pep Guardiola hits back at claims of Man City ‘arrogance’ in China

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has refuted claims his club behaved disrespectfully while on a pre-season tour to China.

Australian man caught with $140 million of meth after crashing into parked police car

An Australian man has been caught with a $140 million methamphetamine haul hidden in boxes after he crashed into a parked police car.

Tom Brady is being dad-shamed after diving off a cliff with his 6-year-old daughter

Tom Brady dove off a cliff with his young daughter in tow and faced criticism after posting the jump on social media.

Boris Johnson wins race to be Tory leader and PM

Boris Johnson has been elected new Conservative leader in a ballot of party members and will become the next UK prime minister. He beat Jeremy Hunt comfortably, winning 92,153 votes to his rival’s 46,656. The former London mayor takes over from Theresa May on Wednesday.

Kenya finance minister denies corruption charges

Kenya’s finance minister has pleaded not guilty to charges of corruption in court, after spending the night in police custody. Henry Rotich is accused of flouting procurement procedures in awarding a contract worth more than $450m (£405m) for the construction of two dams to an Italian firm, CMC de Ravenna.

Police fired for suggesting Ocasio-Cortez be shot

Two US police officers in Louisiana have been fired over a Facebook post suggesting congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be shot. Charles Rispoli wrote that the Democrat needed “a round”, which was then “liked” by a fellow officer. The police chief of Gretna said it was “an embarrassment to our department”.

S Korea fires warning shots at Russian aircraft

South Korea fired warning shots at a Russian A-50 military aircraft that entered its airspace on Tuesday, its Ministry of Defence said. Officials said the plane violated the airspace over the Dokdo/Takeshima islands, which are occupied by Seoul but also claimed by Japan.

Gareth Bale: Zinedine Zidane denies showing Real Madrid winger disrespect

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has denied showing disrespect to Gareth Bale, and claimed the Wales forward refused to come on as a substitute against Bayern Munich on Sunday. Zidane has said Bale is “very close to leaving” the club and that his exit would be “best for everyone”.

Ronaldo will not face charges in ‘rape’ case

Ronaldo rape allegation Football star Cristiano Ronaldo will not face charges after being accused of sexual assault, US prosecutors say. Kathryn Mayorga, 34, had alleged that the Juventus player raped her at a Las Vegas hotel in 2009. She reportedly reached an out-of-court settlement with the Portuguese star in 2010, but sought to reopen the case in 2018.

The Kenyan singing about life in Trump’s America

Modest and quietly spoken but with a penchant for the nattiest threads this side of the Tana River, JS Ondara has, in the space of several years, moved to America, taught himself how to play guitar, released an album with Decca Records and supported rock royalty on a US tour.

The world’s most expensive wine?

For the last 11 years, Hilario García has been making some remarkable wines in a rather unusual way, and the results have captured the interest of wine buyers around the world.

Facebook battles fake Libra sellers before launching its controversial cryptocoin

Libra already has the dubious honour of being so dodgy that its dodginess is pretty much the only thing U.S. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle can actually agree on . It’s been dubbed a ” shitcoin” by a sitting congressman, put on tweet-blast by Donald Trump, and sent some other cryptocurrency prices tumbling.

The AI Renaissance portrait generator isn’t great at painting people of color

Surprise! Artificial intelligence-generated portraits based off artwork from 15th century Europe… kind of suck at depicting people of color. Because we’re apparently always ready to hand over our photos for the sake of a trend, the internet’s current obsession is an AI portrait generator that deconstructs your selfies and rebuilds them as Renaissance and Baroque portraits.

‘Old Town Road’ remix parody features Barack Obama, Katy Perry, Rick Astley, and more

The year is 2021. Lil Nas X has released the 97th remix of “Old Town Road.” All is right with the world. Maybe not. But if there are any constants in the world right now, it’s that everyone wants to ride the wave of yeehaw energy from Lil Nas X’s smash hit.

Uber tests $25 monthly subscription for rides, food delivery, and more

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. Uber is testing a service that includes car rides, food delivery, and scooter and bike access for a monthly subscription fee.

Logan Paul says he’s an ‘ex-controversial YouTuber’ in an interview with Fox Business

Logan Paul traded in his Maverick merch for a blazer for an interview with Fox Business, and it’s a wild ride. The 24-year-old YouTuber, infamous for recording and laughing at the body of a suicide victim in a vlog last year, graced Fox Business on Monday.

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