“I Fell Down Before Presidents in Dubai,” Ezekiel Mutua Consoles Terryanne Chebet after a Fall Down Stairs

July 25, 2019

KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua once fell down the stairs in the full glare of Presidents and his ego has never recovered since.

The ‘morality cop’ as he has come to be known shared his experience on Twitter while consoling media personality Terryanne Chebet who tumbled down the stairs this week.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, the former Citizen TV news anchorwoman said she fell down the stairs of a building in Hurlingham, Nairobi.

“So I tumbled down the stairs at a building in Hurlingham, I’m bumped and bruised but super thankful for the very kind people that came to help. Thankfully no fractures. My ego was more wounded than my painfully swollen leg… Thank you for not laughing,” she wrote.

Ezekiel Mutua was among the hundreds of netizens who joined in wishing Terryanne a quick recovery while also sharing their experiences of the nightmarish and terrifying fall down the staircase.

According to Mutua, he was in Dubai when he fell before heads of State and celebrities. Like Terryanne, Mutua noted that his ego was more wounded than his body.

“Pole sana. Once fell like that in Dubai, before Presidents and celebrities. My body healed but my ego never recovered!!!” He tweeted.

We have sampled some few reactions:

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