“I was Beaten to a Pulp When Campaigning for Dagoretti South MP,” KJ Narrates

June 24, 2019

Comedian turned politician John Kiarie has recalled how he was beaten to a pulp by goons sent by his political opponents in a bid to stop him from contesting.

The former Redykyulass comedian, popularly known as KJ, was speaking on Engage Talk in an emotional narration titled The Scars I Carry.

“I don’t have any piercing on my body, I do not know any tattoo artist and I have never been to a tattoo parlour. But I have got two tattoos on my body and I wear them boldly, proudly and foolishly. These are my scars of war. They are things I collected in my youth,” KJ introduced his talk.

He went on to recall how he sustained his first scar/tattoo in a biking accident when he was 15 years old.

On his second tattoo, KJ said he was accosted by a gang of goons beat him to a pulp using crude weapons. This was in 20o7, ten years before he was finally elected the member of parliament for Dagoretti South.

“When I was on the campaign trail, I was attacked by a gang of goons. Some opponents didn’t want me on the ballot paper and they sent some goons because they wanted me dead,” narrated KJ.

“I was really beaten to a pulp. And before I passed out, these guys who had been surrounding me all the while with these crude weapons, one of them attempted to hit my head for the umpteenth time, so I lifted my arm and the jembe stick hit my hand and it went limp. They put a metal rod in there which I removed much later,” continued the MP.

Watch the full 15-minute talk below.

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