Ben Pol Walked Around With Anerlisa’s Sh1M Engagement Ring for Months Before He Proposed

June 7, 2019

Tanzanian hitmaker Ben Pol has divulged more details about his marriage proposal to Anerlisa saying it took him two months to come up with the best idea.

Ben Pol finally popped the question during the Easter holidays at the luxurious Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa in Mombasa.

The musician says he spent quite a fortune on Ms Muigai’s engagement ring; Sh1.1 Million to be precise. Apparently, he carried it around for a two months before he finally asked Anerlisa for her hand in marriage.

Ile pete imenicost kama Dolla Elfu Kumi na moja hivi. Nimeinunua mwenyewe na nimekaa nayo kama two months. Tuko na Ana natembea nayo ile pete kwenye pouche yangu ya brown nimeifunga vizuri natembea na ile pete kama two months nafikiria ideas jinsi gani ya kumvalisha mpaka tukaenda Mombasa nikamwambia twende tukapige picha pale kwenye Sunset,” said Ben Pol in an interview.

The ‘Moyo Mashine’ hitmaker also put to rest reports that the Keroche breweries heiress is pregnant. He explained that Anerlisa’s post about having twins was misconstrued by her followers.

Yeye alipost kama kitu ana admire. Ana admire twins. Ni kitu amabacho anaomba sana Mungu atujalie twins tutakapo fika kwenye mambo ya watoto. So alipost kama kitu kuadmire tu, alipost akasema twins kwa hivo hio ni kama dream and so watu wameichukua kama labda yuko pregnant lakini hayuko pregnant,” he added.

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