22-Year-Old Pushed to Suicide By Cheating Girlfriend

June 14, 2019

As suicide cases among Kenyan youth continue to grab headlines at an alarming rate, another young adult on Thursday ended his life over relationship troubles.

22-year-old Francis Njuguna from Kinamba Village in Naivasha killed himself on Thursday. His body was found hanging from the roof of his house.

Njuguna, who worked at a butcher’s shop in Kinamba, also left behind a suicide note accusing his 18-year-old girlfriend of cheating on him constantly.

In the note, Njuguna indicated that he was committed to loving the teenager wholeheartedly and that he couldn’t imagine a life without her. He reportedly said he was left with no other choice but to commit suicide because he was hurting as a result of his girlfriend’s cheating ways.

The deceased’s friend, Peter Muchina, said the 22-year-old told him on Wednesday night that he was having serious relationship issues with his girlfriend.

“He [Njuguna], however, did not hint at having any suicidal thoughts,” said Muchina as quoted by eDaily.

Adding, “I was shocked Thursday when he did not report to work, only to find his body hanging from the roof in his rented house located on Naivasha-Kirima road.”

Njuguna’s body was taken to Naivasha Sub-County Hospital morgue. Naivasha Deputy OCPD John Kwasa confirmed the incident.

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