Vera Sidika was Asked if Size Matters in Bed…Here’s Her Response

May 31, 2019

Does size really matter? If you’re still clueless if the size of a man’s manhood makes all the difference between the sheets, worry no more; Vera Sidika has the answer.

The Nairobi socialite is perceived to have more experience when it comes matters getting freaky. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that one of her fans on social media asked Vera Sidika the all-important question.

“Does size matter in bed?” posed the fan.

According to Vera, the size of a man’s private parts is relative. She explained to her 1.3 million followers that it would be nice for any woman to be with a man who wields a “good size.”

She, however, pointed out that the man’s skill in bed is more important.

“Not really but what you do with the little you have, oops. But if you don’t know how to use it at least have a good size so the chic can use it on herself well well when you slacking. Small size and no skill is a nightmare,” Vera responded.

The reality television star also addressed rumors that she is dating Alvin Kabogo, the son of Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo.

“No. never dated. Just new friends. We just recently met btw. Had never met him before.”

The bootylicious ‘Nalia’ singer also disclosed that she lost her virginity aged 20.

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