The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday May 9)

May 9, 2019

Let’s look at some of the biggest world headlines today.

Iranian leader announces partial withdrawal from nuclear deal

Iran will partially withdraw from a landmark nuclear deal signed with six other nations in 2015, amid heightened pressure from the United States in recent weeks.

New York Times: Tax documents show Trump businesses lost more than $1 billion in a decade

President Donald Trump’s businesses reported losses of $1.17 billion from 1985 to 1994, The New York Times reported Tuesday, citing information from tax documents from those years.

Pompeo makes unannounced trip to Iraq to discuss tensions with Iran

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made an unannounced trip to Iraq on Tuesday after abruptly canceling a planned trip to Berlin amid escalating tensions with Iran.

South Africa is the world’s most unequal nation. 25 years of democracy haven’t bridged the divide

Despite 25 years of democracy, South Africa remains the most economically unequal country in the world, according to the World Bank. If anything, the “Rainbow Nation” is even more divided now than it was in 1994.

Satellite images may reveal China’s next aircraft carrier

New satellite images published by a US think tank may provide the world’s first look at China’s next aircraft carrier, as construction progresses on a mysterious large vessel in a shipyard outside Shanghai.

Uber, Lyft drivers plan to strike in more than a dozen major cities

Ride-hailing drivers in more than a dozen cities plan to strike on Wednesday ahead of Uber’s highly anticipated Wall Street debut.

Brad Pitt responds to question about reuniting with Jennifer Aniston

The two stars have been divorced since 2005 and have married (and divorced) other people since then. But that hasn’t stopped the public’s fascination with them getting back together.

Germany is opening its first electric highway for trucks

Germany has on Tuesday opened its first e-highway, where hybrid trucks connect to overhead power lines while driving underneath.

Duterte administration hits back at claims president is involved in drug syndicate

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration has strongly denied he has links to a drug syndicate, dismissing explosive allegations made by a man who went by the online pseudonym “Bikoy.”

UK will take part in European elections

The UK will have to hold European elections, despite hopes from the government a Brexit deal would be done by then, says the PM’s de facto deputy. The vote is due on 23 May, but Theresa May said the UK would not have to take part if MPs agreed a Brexit plan first.

Liverpool comeback against Barcelona: Jurgen Klopp says ‘I don’t know how they did it’

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp said he was “overwhelmed” and saw his players in tears after they completed the biggest Champions League semi-final comeback to beat Barcelona 4-3 on aggregate. The Reds lost the first leg 3-0 but doubles from Georginio Wijnaldum and Divock Origi at Anfield took them into a final against Ajax or Tottenham.

Miner in $5bn claim over Brazil dam disaster

Mining giant BHP Billiton is facing a $5bn (£3.8bn) claim for damages over a dam collapse in Brazil in 2015. Law firm SPG, which is representing than 200,000 Brazilian claimants, said the company “knew of the risks” at the Samarco mine in Minas Gerais state.

The untapped potential of Africa’s honey bees

In the arid north of Kenya, Trinnie Cartland is preparing to scale up her organic acacia honey business. She tells me that local communities have been keen to work with her: many young people are looking for alternatives to livestock farming.

Why a woman secretly taped 30 years of TV news

Marion Stokes recorded US broadcasts from 1979 until her death in 2012. Her son explains why.

What you need to know about the Lyft, Uber driver strike

The drivers behind the ubiquitous ride-hailing apps Lyft and Uber are demanding more to keep working, including better pay, protections, transparency, benefits, and support. On Wednesday, drivers in 10 major U.S. cities will go on strike, asking passengers to also refrain from using the on-demand services that day.

Major crypto exchange hack nets $40 million and could get so much worse

The funds are decidedly not safe. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced a “large scale security breach” Tuesday afternoon, warning customers that unnamed hackers had managed to successfully steal 7,000 bitcoin. At current prices, this equals approximately $40 million. But wait, it gets worse.

One line in the ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ trailer completely changes the MCU

For 11 years the unofficial tagline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been “it’s all connected.” As the first, second, and third phases of the MCU introduced the Avengers and their heroic compatriots, that sense of connection increased to create what really felt like a fully realized universe of characters who live and fight together.

HBO has edited out the infamous ‘Game of Thrones’ coffee cup

That coffee cup cameo in Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones is now a relic of the past thanks to a little Hollywood magic.

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