Joe Biden Picks Kenyan To Spearhead Campaign

May 2, 2019

US 2020 presidential hopeful, and former Vice President Joe Biden, has tapped the services of a man with Kenyan heritage to head his campaign communications.

Kamau Mandela Marshall has been picked as the Director of Strategic Communications, a key position in any presidential campaign.

Before his appointment, Kamau had been serving as Texas congressman Al Green’s Communications Director. He was also a speechwriter and communications advisor for the Obama administration.

He has also served as a special assistant in the office of Elija Cummings- U.S. Representative from Maryland’s 7th District.

Kamau Mandela

Biden is not yet the Democratic candidate, but polls have him leading the race ahead of 2016 hopeful Bernie Sanders. There are still many months before the first primary ballot is cast, but already the Democratic party campaigns have reached fever pitch.

Other than Bernie Sanders, Biden will have to contend with 20 other individuals who have declared their interest, among them emerging favourite Pete Buttigieg – mayor of South Bend, Indiana; Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren; California senator Kamala Harris; New Jersey mayor Cory Booker; and Texas politician Beto O’Rourke.

Opinion polls pitching various candidates in a hypothetical race against Donald Trump, show that Biden has the best chance of defeating the sitting president, followed by Sanders and Mayor Pete.

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