The deadline for registering for the much-talked-about Huduma Namba is tomorrow, May 18. And now more than ever, Kenyans in their typical ‘African timer’ fashion are rushing to beat the deadline.

At the same time, there’s a section of Kenyans who have resisted the contentious exercise, among them Joe Muchiri. The social media personality took to Instagram to reprimand the government exercise as well as the personalities hired to publicize it.

According to Muchiri, Kenyans already have enough unique identifiers and Huduma Namba is just a scam. In his rant, Joe Muchiri slammed fellow radio presenter Jalang’o and rapper Nonini for cashing cheques to mislead Kenyans.

“It is sad people have been duped to do it in millions. The big question is who benefits from this project? From data collection to kits supply, to data maintenance. I mean the whole thing tender for Huduma cards,” Muchiri argued in part.

But Jalas hit right back affirming that he had been paid. “My brother if you are not taking Huduma Number just don’t take it! You don’t have to mention me! You say I have been paid to tell people to take it ..Yes I have been paid! Very well! Because this is not just another page this is a media platform just like all radios and TV stations have been paid!

“There are a lot of things in this country worse, if this Huduma number will kill me let it Kill me! Bro you don’t always have to drag everyone in your wars! So wich one will kill people first? The whysky you pour in people mouths in clubs or Huduma number? ???? Saitan go take Huduma number! Maybe you wanted to be noticed! There you go! ????