Class Three Girl Strangled to Death With School Socks in Kisii

May 29, 2019

Detectives in Kisii are investigating a shocking incident where a minor was reportedly abducted and murdered in cold blood in Nyaura Village, Kiogoro.

According to reports, unknown assailants got into the girl’s house through a window at around 3 am while she and her brother were sleeping.

The assailants abducted the 13-year-old girl, leaving behind her seven-year-old brother. The girl’s body was later found dumped at a nearby stream, with detectives believing she was strangled.

School socks suspected to have been used to strangle the girl were found at the scene.

Confirming the murder, Kisii County Deputy Police Commander Caleb Matoke said they have launched a manhunt for the attackers.

The incident comes two months after another primary school child was raped and murdered by unknown assailants and her body dumped at a thicket near Kisii National Polytechnic.

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