Raila Jnr: “Arap Mashamba’ Tried to Entice Winnie and I with Top Jobs”

April 11, 2019

Raila Jnr Odinga has characteristically jumped to the defence of his father after DP Ruto questioned Odinga senior’s handshake motives.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Hussein Mohamed on Tuesday night, Ruto claimed that Mr Odinga approached him four times after the hotly-contested 2017 elections.

The DP said he declined to hold talks prompting the former Prime Minister to engage President Kenyatta in what would culminate in handshake deal on March 9, 2018.

Ruto also indicated that Raila Odinga tried to convince him that he (Ruto) was getting shortchanged during the appointment of Cabinet Secretaries.

I knew that the narrative was about to try and say that I was being shortchanged here and there, which to me is a fake thing.”

In a rejoinder, Odinga Jnr took matters to Twitter to indicate that DP Ruto was not telling the truth.

According to Jnr, it was Ruto who in fact approached the Odingas in a twisted Divide and Rule tactic.

DP Ruto reportedly offered both him and his sister Winnie Odinga plum government jobs back in January 2018.

“The truth is that in January 2018 Arap Mashamba tried to entice @winnie_odinga and I with high-level government positions, a kind of divide n rule tactic using a very senior Ambassador to put pressure but obviously we told him to F off and talk to the source,” tweeted Raila jnr, adding the hashtag #WakiropokaTunatoboa.

Naturally, Jnr’s comments drew hundreds of reactions from excitable Kenyans on Twitter, most of whom are loving how this political game is building up ahead of the 2022 finals.


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