A Review of The Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants Near You

April 23, 2019

More recently, particularly in the 21st century, the fast food industry has exploded. Fast food is typically defined by restaurants that you attend at which there is little to no table service, and the food is prepared as quickly as possible. Given their popularity, fast food restaurants tend to be very large and to operate as part of a chain. Some have even got so large that they are now being franchised – franchisees are buying into the company for large sums of money in order to have the reputable brand name to operate under. Throughout this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular fast food restaurants near you, and what various is people think of them – why they are good, and why they are bad. (Have a look at restaurantsopenearme.com for more information!)

McDonalds – McDonald’s is an extremely popular fast food chain that was founded bye businessman Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940. They started off very small, then developed into a burger stand, to the point that they managed to open their first restaurant in Arizona in the year 1953. McDonald’s typical tends to sell exactly what you would think of when you think of fast food – foods such as deep fried chicken, fries, cheeseburgers and milkshakes. They have however the more recent years develop their menu and now sell healthy options as well, such as salads, wraps, and fruits. McDonald’s are an inexpensive heating option that offer a variety of different ways to order – this is great for different customer types. One can order via screen in store, or can give the order to a worker as normal. If you are at a restaurant that qualifies, you can also order directly from your car, known as the “Drive Thru” – an extremely popular and well used service.

Subway – subway is another enormous fast food restaurant chain. They pride themselves in the freshness of their ingredients and the speed at which they prepare their sandwiches, known as ‘subs.’ Subway is currently one of the largest fast food restaurant chains in the world, and continues to grow all of the time. Subways restaurants tend to be smaller than the likes of McDonald’s and KFC, with they are ordering process being different. When you going to Subway, you get to choose absolutely everything that you would like, right down to the bread you would like it to be made on. This is great for catering for a huge number of customers, since anyone with allergies etc can be easily accommodated. There are also pre-made options available, but everything still made fresh and in front of your eyes. One can also choose one of the pre-made options and remove or add ingredients as they please. Subway also offer a great range of cost-effective meal deals for both lunch and breakfast. Overall, subway is a great place to go if you would like a quick, fresh, and tasty eat!

KFC – KFC is short for Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC is another fast food restaurant chain originating in America. KFC sell mainly, as you have probably guessed if you didn’t already know, fried chicken! Colonel Harland Sanders was an entrepreneurial business that was responsible for founding KFC – he originally started off selling fried chicken from a small road side restaurant. KFC used to sell exclusively chicken, but expanded their menu in the 1990’s at which time they started offering dishes such as salad, fires, burgers, and various deserts. Kentucky Fried Chicken, like McDonalds, offers a number of different ways to order your food. When you can order your food at a screen by filtering through the various options and simply choosing what they would like – at which point a receipt is collected it should be retained until collection of the foot. When you can also order normally by speaking to a worker at KFC, and can also stay in their car and order at a drive-thru window. KFC has expanded from a very small roadside restaurant run by one man to a global empire that is loved by many.

Burger King – Burger King is another fast food restaurant that originates in America. They sell primarily burgers, but also drinks, french fries, desserts, and various other treats. The Burger King menu, like many of its competitors, has expanded from almost exclusively burgers when it opened, to now offer a range of different food and drink options to cater for its customers. Burger King is not quite as large a chain as McDonalds, Subway, or KFC, but is still known by a vast number of people around the globe. It is slightly more expensive in some countries than some of its competitors, but is lovely by many people – with a lot of people going exclusively there and to no other similar fast food chains. Burger King has a variety of locations around the world – almost 16000 to be precise! They have expanded massively since their founding in 1953 and are now located in a huge number of locations including shopping malls and high streets. They offer a variety of menu options that cater to nearly all tastes, as well as good value for money and a high standard of service.

Fast food restaurants are coming up more and more all over the planet, near you, and in all different locations. People in today’s society are becoming more and more used to consuming foods that are prepared at speed, and that are convenient. Fast food restaurants near you such as McDonalds, KFC, and Burger King offer exactly this. Another advantage of fast food restaurants is that they are usually very affordable, people enjoy the taste of the food, they are always convenient in both their preparation time and location, and are always very consistent – food that is prepared in large chains such as McDonalds is subject to rigorous checking, as well as strict health and safety standards and recipes’. People love them as they start to connect with the brand, and, in the majority of cases, are available at almost any major location!

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