Shots Fired! Winnie Odinga Unleashes Savage Side on Twitter Critic

March 20, 2019

Kenyans on Twitter are quickly learning that Winnie Odinga is not one to mess with.

This is after the daughter of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga dealt a hard online tackle to one @BenjiNdolo, a popular Kenyan Tweep who attempted to mud-sling Raila Odinga in relation to the drought situation in Kenya.

Winnie was reacting to pictures doing rounds on the internet showing Kenyans who have been severely affected by the drought.

“Absolutely Atrocious! A failed state. Those who voted for this government should demand immediate action and solutions,” blasted Ms Odinga.

But Benji Ndolo had other ideas seeing as Raila Odinga is now considered part and parcel of the government after the handshake deal with President Uhuru.

“Tell your dad. Ako Ndani (he is in government),” he tweeted.

Winnie did not take this lying down and hit back, telling Benji Ndolo: “Tell your dad he should have pulled out.”

And when another tweep echoed Benji’s sentiments, Winnie Odinga did not mince her words. She maintained that it was Kenyans who voted in President Uhuru Kenyatta hence any issue of national concern should be taken up with him.

Winnie wrote: “You’ve got it ALL the way messed up if you think I’ll be twitter messenger for a dude who still lives in his mother’s backroom. If you wana send a message to Uhuru here is his account @UKenyatta. Nobody voted for Winnie Odinga.”

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