Shotgun, 471 Bullets Found in Lawyer Assa Nyakundi’s House in Muthaiga

March 20, 2019

Detectives have recovered two firearms and hundreds of bullets from the house of embattled Nairobi lawyer Assa Nyakundi who shot dead his son under unclear circumstances in Muthaiga on Sunday.

In addition to the reported murder weapon –  a Glock pistol -, police have seized a shotgun, a handgun, and 471 rounds of ammunition.

The pistol and the bullets of different calibre were found inside a safe in the master bedroom while the shotgun was recovered from a shoe-rack in an adjacent room used as a library.

“The firearm certificate and the civilian firearm certificate have been forwarded to firearms licensing board for verification,” police said on Tuesday.

Investigators have also subjected Nyakundi’a Toyota Axio to a ballistic examination. Police recovered one spent cartridge under the mat of the front passenger seat and a bullet head of the same calibre was found inside the boot.

There are bloodstains on the upper left side of the back seat, with a bullet hole visible about six inches from the blood stain on the backrest of the seat. The car was also dusted for fingerprints and samples collected for forensic examination.

According to detectives, Nyakundi’s Glock pistol which was recovered from him after the “accidental” shooting has been confirmed to be loaded with 13 rounds of ammunition and not 14 as earlier stated. The same has been taken for ballistic examination at the DCI headquarters.

60-year-old Assa Nyakundi is still recuperating at the Nairobi Hospital under police guard after suffering blood pressure complications while in police custody.

The body of his 29-year-old son Joseph Nyakundi is at the Aga Khan Hospital mortuary awaiting post mortem.

Meanwhile, a Facebook believed to have been posted by Nyakundi’s second-born son indicated that Joseph had been murdered in cold blood. The post has since been pulled down.

“Goodbye, my one and only brother,” the post on Mr. Onsomu Nyakundi’s Facebook page read, before an eerie summary: “Brutal, cold-blooded murder.”

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