Hilarious Reactions to PHOTO of Rhinos “Doing It” at Nairobi National Park

March 21, 2019

A picture of two rhinos getting their freak on at the Nairobi National Park has elicited hilarious reactions from Kenyans on Twitter.

The photo that has been doing the rounds on social media space for a minute now is credited to the Caters News Agency. It shows two black rhinos doing the nasty, with the Nairobi skyline in the background.

The Kenya Wildlife Service on Wednesday shared the picture through its official Twitter handle, @kwskenya, and accompanied it with a hilarious caption.

“What’s a Wednesday afternoon timeline without a little romp? Talk about Sex and the City!?  #DiscoverNairobiNationalPark.”

As you would expect, the ever-excitable Kenyans on Twitter had something to say about the post. Some Tweeps, like David Ndii, sarcastically called on Kenya’s moral policeman Ezekiel Mutua to act.

“Shame on you at @kwskenya Kenya is a conservative society. @EzekielMutua what say you?,” wrote Ndii.

Another tweep was concerned by the rhinos’ lack of privacy, “Poor rhinos, absolutely no PRIVACY!”

A third tweep warned KWS against Ezekiel Mutua, “Wait until Ezekiel Mutua sees this Tweet.”

Another noted, “Rhino clearly towering above the Nairobi skyline.”

Here are those tweets:

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