Apostle Ng’ang’a Goes Off on Linus Kaikai: “Shut Your Mouth” [VIDEO]

March 13, 2019

Apostle James Ng’ang’a, founder of Neno Evangelism Centre, has been rattled by a proposal by Citizen TV journalist Linus Kaikai to regulate religious organisations.

Mr Kaikai, who was speaking on Citizen TV News Gang show, called on the government to emulate neighboring Rwanda that has passed strict laws on the conduct of Christian churches and men of God.

One of the stringent measures Kaikai proposed was that pastors have a theology degree before they start their own churches. This is what seems to have irked the controversial city preacher.

In a video posted on Facebook, pastor Ng’ang’a goes off on Linus Kaikai warning him to steer clear of church matters and focus on journalism.

The visibly agitated 66-year-old man of God admits that he is not schooled but will not go back to school because it is too late.

In the three-minute, pastor Ng’ang’a tells Kaikai not to compare Rwanda to Kenya and that degrees are not a qualification to enter heaven.

He further warns Kaikai to stop meddling in church affairs or risk facing consequences.

“Kwanza nashukuru wale ambo hamjui kusoma sababu mbinguni hatuendi na kisomo; hakuna degree itapima mlango wa mbinguni na vile vile niwapongeze wale mumesoma you are doing good…lakini kusema kwamba wale hawana degree wakatazwe kuhubiri kama Rwanda, this is Kenya not Rwanda na wewe news anchor unaongea hivyo kwa nini? Hamuwezi kutublock sisi watu hatukusoma tubaki kuosha barabara, please separate preaching and news anchoring.”

The apostle adds: “Funga mdomo yako. If you don’t stop I promise you will face the consequences…sina haja ya kusoma na nikipelekwa shule kilazima sitasoma.”

Watch Ng’ang’a’s full rant below.

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