Bishop Wanjiru Orders Arrest of 10 Over Stolen Spare Tyre at Runda Home

February 19, 2019

At least 10 people were arrested with eight of them spending over a week behind bars after a spare tyre was stolen from Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s vehicle.

Reports indicate that the tyre was stolen from the Bishop’s Prado which was parked at her home in Runda on Friday, 8.

An infuriated Wanjiru reportedly ordered the arrest of everyone in the compound, including his driver, construction workers, and even the neighbors totaling to 10 people. Two were later arrested.

Investigating officers from Gigiri Police Station who reviewed CCTV footage from Bishop Wanjiru’s house did not find anything conclusive.

According to insider sources, when the ‘servant of the Lord’ realised there was no evidence implicating the suspects, she demanded Sh65,000 from them.

Strangely, the suspects were not presented before the court within the stipulated 24 hours after arrest.

Among those arrested included Abedi Mungai (Bishop Wanjiru’s Personal driver), Reymond Sewe (construction worker), Richard Wamamba (general labour), Stephen Kioko (gardener), Martin Muli (gardener), Evan Andama (neighbour’s gardener) and Edmond Sawe (Security Guard).

The issue was reportedly resolved after a good Samaritan offered to pay the Bishop the money she was demanding.

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